Occult: The Card Game

Fast-paced, chaotic, strategic

Occult is a fast-paced, chaotic card game for 2 to 5 players. Players are tasked with keeping their mythological monsters in play for three turns, or by slaying three of their opponent’s monsters, to win the game.

Players can slay monsters using rare Banish cards, or by combining other basic cards to have even greater effects. In the base game, the Slayer, the Dancer, the Thief and the Merchant are all used as basic cards to have various effects: one when a single card of that type is discarded, and one when three cards of that type are discarded.

"It’s quick, loads of betrayal, constant aggression."

Summoned Games

Each monster has their own effect as well when they enter play, causing chaos that may or may not benefit their controller.

With no additional tokens or dice, everything is tracked on the cards themselves by rotating them and therefore, Occult is the perfect pick-up-and-play card game!

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