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Metallic Ink & T-Shirt Update

2020 and the road to release!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! We thought we’d just give a quick update following the roadmap we laid out for you last time. Since our last update, we’ve been in regular contact with our printers, and after a few slight colour corrections that needed to take place for them to be able to process the metallic ink, we’re set to have the files sent over in the next couple of days. This does push us back slightly in our roadmap in regards to printing, but we still expect to be sending out our first load of parcels in February and keeping to the roadmap laid out.

In the meantime however, we’ve got some exciting news regarding t-shirts! The acetates are currently being processed.

So, that’s all very exciting! And for those of you who didn’t back the t-shirt tier, but now are getting a bit excited over the possibility of owning one of these, you’ll be able to do so soon via our website!

We’ll be in touch soon, thanks for being patient and for all your continuous support.


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