2020 and the road to release!

2020 and the road to release!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had happy holidays over the past few weeks and even if you were working, that you managed to spend some time with friends and family – any excuse to grab a game and play a few rounds, even if it is Monopoly – right? 

As we start 2020, we just wanted to take a minute to let you know how everything is going, how everything has gone and also to reveal an exciting announcement.

With all the artwork completed for the main body of the game, and the printers (for both the game and t-shirts/art-prints) sorted, we’re just getting in the process of organising all our files! Below, you’ll find a month-by-month road-map of what we’re expecting:

  • January 2020: This month, we’ll be sending off the files to our printers (in particular our printer for the game itself) and receiving back the final, “retail” version of the game! 
  • February 2020: We’ll be packaging up the game and posting them to wherever you are! For those of you with art prints or t-shirts, they’ll be on their way too! 
  • March 2020: Even more packaging and posting! We’re giving ourselves a month ‘extra’ just in case something crops up that delays us. We don’t want you to be disappointed and we want to make sure we hit our April 2020 deadline. 
  • April 2020: You should all have your copies of Occult: The Card Game! You’ll be hearing from us quite a bit from April through summer, as we request your pictures for social media, your reviews for Board Game Geek (and similar sites) and reviews! 

With that, it’s looking like smooth sailing from here until release and we’re really thankful that you’ve been so supportive (and excited!) throughout! 

In fact, because you’ve been so supportive, and to hint at more to come, we’d like to announce something we’re really excited about! Unfortunately, we don’t have any imagery at the moment, but we can confirm that we will be adding an additional monster to Occult at no extra charge! 

That’s right! Although we didn’t manage to hit the stretch goal to add an additional monster, we decided to treat you all anyway to it! Ban Sith, based on Scottish myth and legend, will be joining the ranks! This new monster also features a new mechanic which will be the main focus of Occult: The Card Game’s first expansion, which we are already deep into discussion and development about. We’ll be talking more about this when Occult is finally in your hands after April! 

For those of you who backed the Print and Play edition of Occult, we’ll be updating the files when the card is complete and we’ll send you a notification of this. The version that can be purchased right now will also be updated. 

For now though, thank you for your support, for checking in on us and for being all round amazing! As always, please do talk about us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, whatever you’ve got!) and tell your friends! 

Speak soon, 

Jack & Adi at Spirit House Society

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